How to Decorate Your Kids Room with the Latest Trends

How to Decorate Your Kids Room with the Latest Trends

Are you looking for some fresh and fun ideas to spruce up your kids room? Whether you have a girl or a boy, a toddler or a teen, you can find plenty of inspiration from the latest trends in kids room decor.

Here are some of the top trends that will make your kids room a place where they want to be, with kids décor that stimulates the mind and the senses.

1. Colourful and Creative Wall Art One of the easiest ways to add some personality and flair to your kids room is to use wall art. You can choose wall art that matches your kids interests, hobbies, favourite characters, or themes. For example, if your kid loves animals, you can use animal-themed wall or if your child is into space use can use space objects to create a galaxy-themed wall. You can also check out our Kids Room Collection for more styles and colours of wall art for kids.

2. Bamboo & Acrylic Name Signs Another trend that is gaining popularity in kids room decor is name signs. Bamboo & Acrylic is a durable and versatile material that can be used to create various shapes, colours, and effects. You can use bamboo or acrylic to make personalised name signs for your kids room, from our Kids Collection. Bamboo or acrylic details can add a modern touch to your kids room, as well as reflect light with FAME-ily Art’s Mirrored Acrylic Product and create a spacious feel.

3. Playful and Practical Storage Solutions Storage is always an important factor with kids room decor. You want to keep your kids room tidy and organised, but also make it easy for them to access their toys, books, clothes, and other belongings. That’s why you need storage solutions that are both playful and practical. You can customise your storage solutions with labels or designs from our Kids Collection.

4. Cozy and Comfortable Reading Nooks Reading is one of the best activities for your kids development and imagination. That’s why you should encourage your kids to read more by creating a cozy and comfortable reading nook in their room. A reading nook can be a simple corner with a cushion, a blanket, and some books, or a more elaborate space with a canopy, a mattress, and some pillows. You can also add some picture ledges from to display your kids favourite books. A reading nook can also double as a relaxing spot for your kids to nap, meditate, or just chill out. Add personality to the reading nooks with inspirational words or sayings made for the wall from our Kids Collection.

5. Lights and Shape Decorations One of the most popular trends in kids room decor is Nigh lights and shape decorations. Lights can create a magical and cozy atmosphere in your kids room, especially at night. A child can also gain several benefits from a night light. It offers a sense of security and comfort in the dark, promoting better sleep. In addition, night lights can guide children to the bathroom or to a parent’s room if they need assistance during the night. We have some LED night lights that will not burn to touch in their Kids Collection.

Shape decorations such as clouds or animals are also very cute and whimsical, and can be made of bamboo or acrylic and provide another way of customising your child’s room.

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