About Us..

FAME-ily Art is the HOME of Personalised Laser Cutting.

What we do is create the perfect product for You. Your Idea, Your Love of  Creative & Your Intentions. With a focus on personalisation we create the perfect product for your Home, Loved Ones, Kids Room, Your Business, Your Next BIG Event.

Founded in 2016, FAME-ily Art was created as a Way for me (Felicity) to combine my two passions, Family & Being Creative. FAME-ily Art also provided an outlet for my Hubby (Mathew) who enjoys Woodworking and anything nerdy! The FAME-ily Art project projected started with the Purchase of a Small Laser and now has Grown into a Business all the Family works in.

Our Design & Manufacturing Wharehouse is located in the leafy suburbs of North West Sydney and our mantra has been the key to our success, locally-owned and made with a focus on quality, individual products, and personalised service.


We are an online store and all our pieces available for purchase using our website www.fameilyart.com.au

For one-off custom orders, we can be contacted via a website using this link or through email felicity@fameilyart.com.au

To keep up to date on any shenanigans at FAME-ily Art, new product launches or what's trending you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook 

Thank You for Taking the Time to Read Our Story..

Felicity (F) - Boss & Keeps Everyone in Line
Annabel (A) - the Creative Spirit who takes after Mum 
Mathew (M} - the Tinker who keeps the Laser Running
Elizabeth (E) - The Entrepreneur who takes after Mum & Dad

FAME-ily Art