How do I mount my Plaque, Hoop or Sign?

Now for the FUN bit, opening and mounting your product. Do sweat it, its not a difficult process. Take your time and it will be up and ready in no time.

Package Opening

Carefully remove your product from the packaging. With a Plaque or Hoop make sure to hold it at the thickest parts. Always handle your products with care, especially acrylic mirror as it beautiful to look at but also fragile.

Mounting the Plaque, Hoop or Sign to a Surface

If mounting your product to a wall, door or any other suitable surface ensure the surface is clean and dry.  Prior to hanging using your choice of Adhesive Brand, review the instructions from the adhesive brand to ensure they are suitable for your surface type. Many of our customers have great success using quality Command 3M Mounting strips - the velcro style, which can be cut to size if needed.

If holes have been cut for your order or you are hanging a Hoop, fishing or thin gauge wire can be used to a flower wall etc. 

Evenly press your product to when attaching, make sure you don't place too much pressure on any one part. Before leaving double check you product has been securely mounted.

Take care not to place too much pressure on your product any si one part of the when you're placing it on the wall and when you're using either method to mount the plaque, just make sure that your piece is totally secure before walking away).

We always enjoy getting photo's ( of our products we send to you HINT HINT!