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Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Sign

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow Sign

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This Sign is the perfect, on-trend item to personalise your Laundry. Made with a 3mm thick Acrylic Backing and  3mm thick Acrylic Writing adhered to the top. The backing and wording colour can be mixed and matched to suit the colour of your Laundry.

This is a lightweight sign that can be easily hung using 3M Hanging Strips or 5mm Holes can be cut out of your sign for hanging. When designing your product, select the number of Holes you require. 


  • No mounting hardware such as hooks or double-sided tape etc is supplied with this listing. We recommend using 3M Velcro Strips for mounting. Refer to 3M Velcro Strips installation instructions to ensure your product and surface is suitable.
  • This product needs to be handled with care. You will find info on how to care for your product, HERE
  • For any production & delivery timing, please have a look at our FAQ
  • If you're unsure how to order, send an email to FAME-ily Art 

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