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Script Name Plaque - Acrylic

Script Name Plaque - Acrylic

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Find the perfect style for your space, Baby or Childs Room, or that special occasion that has to have a large statement!  Take your favorite name, nickname, or inspiring word and turn it into a statement with a stunning piece. Made from 3mm Thick Bamboo, Plywood or Acrylic. The name plaque is light enough to be mounted to a wall or door.

Sizing Guide

The sizing guide below details the Length & Height of our Most Popular sizes. The maximum height for any Name will be 1/2 Length. For example a 70cm Name the maximum height would be 35cm. The final size of your Name will depend on the number of characters & any drop-down characters. A name with less than 4 characters will likely reach the maximum height before reaching the maximum length. A name with more than 5 characters will likely reach the maximum length before it reaches the maximum height.

1. Example Name - Lily
All Sizing is approximate.

A name with 4 Letters & a drop-down y. 

  • 30cm Long Purchased - Size 20cm Long x 15cm Tall
  • 60cm Long Purchased - Size 41cm Long x 30cm Tall
  • 80cm Long Purchased - Size 55cm Long x 40cm Tall
  • 100cm Long Purchased - Size 68cm Long x 50cm Tall
  • 120cm Long Purchased - Size 82cm Long x 60cm Tall

2. Example Name - Mathew
All Sizing is approximate.

A Name with 6 Letters & no drop-down Letters such as a y or j etc 

  • 30cm Long Purchased - Size 30cm Long x approx. 8cm Tall
  • 60cm Long Purchased - Size 60cm Long x approx. 16cm Tall
  • 80cm Long Purchased - Size 80cm Long x approx. 22cm Tall
  • 100cm Long Purchased - Size 100cm Long x approx. 27cm Tall
  • 120cm Long Purchased - Size 120cm Long x approx. 33cm Tall

3. Example Name - Felicity
All Sizing is approximate.

A Name with 8 Letters & a drop-down Letters y 

  • 30cm Long Purchased - Size 30cm Long x approx. 12cm Tall
  • 60cm Long Purchased - Size 60cm Long x approx. 24cm Tall
  • 80cm Long Purchased - Size 80cm Long x approx. 32cm Tall
  • 100cm Long Purchased - Size 100cm Long x approx. 40cm Tall
  • 120cm Long Purchased - Size 120cm Long x approx. 48cm Tall

    If you require a custom size or shape, message FAME-ily Art with your requirements before ordering. Larger Sizes may be pick-up only from our Warehouse due to Courier shipping limitations.


    • Your order will be made as per the supplied proof with all text being copied exactly - including all joins and letter spaces. Any letter with a dot, for example, i or j will be joined to the name. The text case will be the same as your proof. If changes need to be made to your design we will send you the new proof via email for approval.
    • No mounting hardware such as hooks or double-sided tape etc is supplied with this listing. We recommend using 3M Velcro Strips for mounting. Refer to 3M Velcro Strips installation instructions to ensure your product and surface is suitable.
    • For information on how to best mount these pieces, check out our guide HERE 
    • Bamboo or Plywood is suitable for indoor use or temporary outdoor use, such as an event. Acrylic is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • This product needs to be handled with care. You will find info on how to care for your product, HERE
    • For any production & delivery timing, please have a look at our FAQ
    • If you're unsure how to order, send an email to FAME-ily Art 
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